Kitchen Remodeling Ideas – Update Your Kitchen For Less

A kitchen makeover can be costly and ran into thousands of dollars for renovations. Not everyone can afford to realize their kitchen remodeling ideas and renovate their kitchen every few years as fashions change. But there are many different ways in which you can brighten up and modernize your kitchen without spending too much money.

The biggest impact that you can make is applying a fresh coat of paint onto your kitchen walls. Choose a neutral colour that will not date and will go with your general colour theme. Some people prefer glossy finishes as these are easier to wipe down and clean. However if you have tiles in your kitchen as well, then this is not a problem. Try to choose an eco-friendly paint that will not emit harmful toxins into the air in.

Replacing your cupboards can also be very costly, but if your cupboards are still in good condition you can brighten them up by simply adding a new paint finish. There also are many styles and techniques to add texture to your cupboards. Another inexpensive and easy tip is to replace your cupboards handles and knobs. If you can afford to, consider replacing your kitchen countertop. Choose a countertop that can sustain a lot of Wear and tear and that is durable. A good option is either granite or marble.

Try to avoid clutter in your countertops. Remove all unnecessary objects, gadgets and junk and leave only the necessary appliances. Try to purchase appliances with the same finish. For example, if you have a white toaster, try to stick with white throughout by purchasing a white microwave and kettle.

Another way to spruce up your kitchen is to add some plants. This will also give your kitchen a pleasant aroma. You need to take into account how much sunlight your kitchen gets and what kind of plants will be suitable. Some popular choices include chillies, rocket, chives and parsley.

By combining these few simple kitchen remodeling ideas you will have a bright new kitchen in no time.

By Laura