Small Kitchen Makeover Tips

Getting the most out of a small space can be tough-especially when it’s a kitchen. With the right interior design layout, your small kitchen can be transformed into a work of art without the costly add-ons of additional space. Use these tips and techniques for small kitchen makeovers and you can be sure you’ll get a kitchen space that may be small but will provide you with the most bang for your buck.


One of the biggest ways to make a smaller room feel larger is by changing the colors to a more neutral and lighter shade and tone. Using your best kitchen design ideas and neutral tones or colors can help to make your space feel larger as well as create a sterile and clean looking environment in the kitchen.

Color Tip: Be sure to use shades of white offset with other stark accent accessories and colors to create a more open feel in the kitchen.


When installing tiles in the kitchen space, you can make the flooring appear larger by adding a decorative border. Whether you’re using tile for flooring or for a backsplash, you can bet a contrasting border color will make a big splash with your small kitchen design.

Border Tip: Choose a border color that is opposite or next to your main tiles color on the color wheel to create a perfect match for your tile colors.


Getting the most out of any small space begins and ends with efficiency. How efficient is the rooms design? Small appliances might not help a kitchen feel larger if they are all crammed together. Create an open and airy layout in small kitchens to prevent the space from feeling too confined.

Efficiency Tip: Be sure to keep the kitchen triangle in mind with your kitchens interior design. When the sink, stove and refrigerator are within the triangle, a super-efficient layout can be achieved.


Good storage space is the cornerstone of any small kitchen space. Be sure cabinets, counter spaces and kitchen islands all have the maximum amount of storage potential possible to ensure your small kitchen space remains free from clutter and confined by its own appliances and accessories.

Storage Tip: Designing your own kitchen storage can be tough. Use a cabinet company’s computer aided design programs to help make your existing cabinet space as storage efficient as possible and transform your interior design ideas into reality.

By Laura