Giving Your Kitchen a Complete Makeover And Doing it on a Low Budget at That – Phase Five – Cabinet

Now that the kitchen ceiling and walls have been taped and finished–to near perfection (perhaps?) and you took my advice and sprayed a nice even and uniform texture (orange peel preferably) on both walls and ceiling; you are now ready to proceed forward. But before you do just take a moment to look around at your kitchen and observe your handy work. I tell you the truth, in my opinion there are few sights more beautiful than drywall panels handsomely finished and textured. To be totally honest with you I even love the smell of fresh drywall and joint compound; it’s the smell of renovation to me and I just love it.

Before we proceed to phase five of our kitchen makeover (cabinet installation) segment let’s take a moment to do something I’ve found to be very important. You see, the texture that you sprayed on the walls and ceiling is nothing more than joint compound diluted with water–that’s all, and it is so easy to accidentally scrape it off the wall/ceiling. You can rub up against the walls and create a smooth spot that may very well stand out–and on and on. My point is this: before I proceed to implement the next phase of work I take the time to prime my ceiling and walls at this point to try and avoid any damage to the texture. Unless you have a really large kitchen you should be able to brush and roll the ceiling and walls fairly quickly, as opposed to spraying the ceiling and walls with an airless paint sprayer. As a matter of fact, I insist on putting not one but two coats of an acrylic latex primer to protect and seal the texture, as well as the drywall finishing job. Once the primer has dried thoroughly then and only then am I ready to proceed with the next task.

Priming Walls and Ceiling

At this stage of the game your ceiling and walls should really be looking good and standing out. With the walls and ceiling completely primed (preferably double coated) and sealed your new kitchen should begin to take shape, that is, take on its new facade–even at this stage. Your walls and ceiling should look clean and statesque. Although there is nothing in the kitchen at this point but walls and a ceiling (at least that you can see), you still should be able to see walls that are straight; ceiling that is attractive and smooth, as well as sharp lines and straight you should be pleased at the way things are going thus far. Take the time to give yourself a well deserved pat on the back because a lot of hard, hard work has gone in to achieving this look. Beautiful ceiling and walls don’t come easy; it’s not a given, its only through accurate measuring and an eye for detail and fine workmanship that this can be accomplished. So really, give yourself credit for all you have done and let’s get ready to begin phase five. Okay? Okay. Learn More.

By Laura