Celebrity Chef Kitchens Aren’t Just for Celebrities

The lifestyles of the rich and famous have always been major inspirations in the world of design and fashion. If you’re after a kitchen that stands above the rest, what better place to start then by looking at where some of the best celebrity chefs cook at home to get ideas for your kitchen? Cabinet design is a big part of these tasteful kitchens from new arrivals on the celebrity chef scene like Giada de Laurentiis or Curtis Stone, but an eye for quality woodworking extends to household names like Paula Deen. Let’s take a look at some of these kitchens and see what ideas you can apply to your kitchen cabinet design.

The hip, clean, open kitchen of Giada de Laurentiis

Giada de Laurentiis hosts the Food Network show Giada at Home. Her spacious kitchen is filled with clean angles, wide open counter tops, and most strikingly of all a beautiful contrast between bright white and espresso brown cabinetry. This is a great example of quality custom woodworking that has a definite “WOW!” factor. This gorgeous kitchen would impress anywhere in the world, from New York, to Hollywood, to London, to small town homes that want to kick it up a notch. Cabinet design is the star of the show here. The deceptive simplicity of the colour scheme is accented by smart choices of several different cabinet types, featuring sectioned cupboards, sliding drawers, and more.

The functional, modern and warm kitchen of Curtis Stone

Popping up everywhere from Top Chef Masters to Celebrity Apprentice, Curtis Stone captures everything you’d want in a commercial quality kitchen in a small space thanks to the sleek and modern elements of his home kitchen. The stainless steel appliances are surrounded by custom woodworking and cabinetry that mesh together to make the most of every inch of space. From the cabinet sized slide out doors for storage, to the upright cupboards and extra storage space in the island. This is a great example of how custom designs turn what could be a cramped work space into a professional quality kitchen. If you want a great looking and highly functional kitchen in a small space, don’t forget the importance of cabinet design. There are some wonderful newly constructed apartment buildings that benefit from smart layout principals popping up all over the place, so you’ll definitely benefit from a custom build for the kitchen if you’ve bought in to one of them.

Home is where the food is: The inviting kitchen of Paula Deen

Sometimes a kitchen simply defines your home. For Paula Deen, Emmy Award winner, cookbook author, and host of Paula’s Home Cooking, a great kitchen is non-negotiable. No matter what pots, pans, or other culinary tools you can think of you’ll have somewhere to store it in this spacious kitchen. With drawers, cabinets, cupboards, and a very functional central island, the kitchen’s eye catching homey warmth owes a lot to the fantastic custom cabinet design. Most large modern houses often share a lot of architectural traits with those in Paula’s home state of Georgia due to the focus on family, honest simplicity, and wide open spaces. This kitchen may belong to a celebrity, but could fit in almost any large home.

Cabinet Design ties a kitchen together for anyone

Regardless of if you have a show on the food network or just a show you love to watch, a beautiful and functional kitchen can be the star of your home with some smart custom cabinet design. In a lot of places, the real estate market is wide open, so there has never been a better time to remodel or renovate to get that kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. Breathtaking cabinet design is readily available, so take some lessons in great kitchens from these trendy celebrity chefs and make your home something really special.

By Laura