Tips For Spring Time Cleaning

It is spring time again! Welcome in the mild sunlight and the spring breeze into your home after a long, cold summer. But wait, there seems to be something wrong with the picture. Oh, yes, the dirt, garbage and all the crap that you have left indoors has finally come to be seen. Spring cleaning is a famous cleaning habit for many but of course, a clean house is always a must. This is where you sleep, eat and seek comfort. If the dirt and space ratio is equal, then there is something wrong with your house or maybe yourself. But no worries, with these tips, spring cleaning will become an enjoyable task though not easy at all!

I prefer to start from top to bottom. Knowing that the top levels of the house are clean means there is no clutter left there. We are talking first about dry areas and areas where the worst concentration of clutter is.

For your rooms: empty your area. Remove unnecessary clothes, toys, garbage bins and other kinds of stuff around the room. Most especially if you have carpets as flooring, it is important to remove everything so the carpet can be fully cleaned or even for wooden floors to be polished evenly.

Make a segregation center in your house. For each family member, give them an activity to segregate things that they need and do not need. Look at their bins because sometimes kids do not know what they need so guide them.

After finishing the cleanup of the individual rooms, it is time for the more communal areas. These are probably bigger and filled with more stuff because you share these rooms. For the living room, start with the sofas and then unplug electronics like TV and DVD you should have undivided attention when cleaning and you are also going to clean and move them if needed.

Always check the corners and all the places where possible infestation could occur. You should make sure you are free from cockroaches and other kinds of insects.

For the kitchen, it is important to clean the utensils thoroughly and the floors as well as remove spoiled or rotten ingredients and food. Clean the inside and outside of counters, the ref, the oven, microwave and all other equipment.

All garbage must be organized in recyclable or non recyclable as well as food items and liquids. Even the garbage man would find it nasty to find rotting things mixed with usable things.

Check the basement as well as your bathrooms for mold build up.

Take the time to check the plumbing and electrical wiring. Spring cleaning is also one of those great times to check if your house is safe from any open wiring and leaks. This could cause fires, and with moisture, mold buildup.

These are some tips for a cleanup and check up all in one. I am assured that you will enjoy the rewards of cleaning one you are finished. By having a clean house, you will uncover new spaces in your house that have been covered with useless clutter that you can use for more productive things. I am sure that you will benefit from all these things and you can get a great deal of appreciation for your new, clean house!

By Laura