Renovate Not Replace Your Kitchen

Replacing your kitchen is often unnecessary and many people are ‘sold’ the idea that replacement is the only option. The only circumstanced you would NEED to replace all of your kitchen would be if you wanted to re-arrange the layout of your kitchen or your cabinets have become damaged through flooding or other sources of damp.

Renovating your kitchen on the other hand can be a very inexpensive option. The options in order of cost to renovate your kitchen are:

Replacing door handles – simply replacing the door handles of your cabinet doors can make a huge difference to the overall look of your kitchen.

The second option is replacing the doors of your cabinets – this won’t give you the subtle change like the first option, it will make a massive change. Replacement kitchen doors are usually made to order and are available in a vast range of colours and materials.

If your kitchen worktops are a little tired or damaged you may want to replace them as well as the doors. Worktop price range from the ‘how do they make it for that price’ price to the absurd. Getting a natural stone worktop will cost you a lot of money but will last for ever however, if you’re renovating a place for profit a cheap laminated worktop would be the ideal solution.

If you are replacing the worktop, cupboard doors and handles you may as well go for it and replace the sink and taps at the same time.

If you carry out all of the above in essence you’ll have a new kitchen whist cutting out the cost of a professional design. If you enjoy DIY all of the above tasks you could carry out your self. The most difficult task would be fitting the worktop and I wouldn’t recommend fitting a stone worktop yourself.

By Laura