Replacing Kitchen Cabinet Hardware – Do-It-Yourself Tips

Over time the kitchen cabinet hardware begins to dull and look old. This can take away from your d?�cor and make the whole kitchen look dull and lifeless. By replacing the cabinet hardware you can enhance the room and give it a fresh new look. The cabinet hardware consists of more than just the handles on the front of the cabinet doors. It also includes the drawer pulls, glides, catches, locks, latches and hinges.

The kitchen cabinet hardware is a detail that will be noticed as soon as you walk into the room. Replacing these with modern decorative designs will enhance your d?�cor while showing your personality and unique style. This is an easy task and something that any do-it-yourselfer should be able to handle. Your cabinet hardware serves a purpose that makes your cabinets more durable, functional and beautiful.

The hardest part will be choosing the right hardware and the following tips can help.

A� Consider the material and finish of the cabinets and choose hardware that will match these and enhance the overall d?�cor, not stand out in a bad way and look awkward.

A� Now think about the rest of the d?�cor. What are the countertops made of? What color is the walls and flooring? You’ll need hardware that matches these as well.

A� Set a budget and this will help you determine where to start your search.

A� There are many different accents and finishes to choose from. You’ll need to pick something that suits your existing d?�cor and your personality. If you have a specific theme going you can buy hardware that matches that particular theme. You can also choose between a variety of traditional, Victorian and contemporary designs.

A� When buying your new hardware make sure the distance between the holes match so you don’t have to drill new holes and patch the old ones.

A� Once you have your new hardware all you need to do is remove the screws and take off the old cabinet hardware and replace them with the new.

It’s important to take your time and think about the hardware you want to use to replace the old ones. They may seem like a small element when compared to the whole kitchen but they stand out in a big way. You’ll need to decide if you want to keep it simple or add some pizzazz to your kitchen.

After evaluating your kitchen and deciding what type of look you want to create with the new cabinet hardware, you’re ready to start shopping. You can choose to buy from a local retail store or shop online. However, if you do buy from online keep in mind that the products can vary and look different from what you expected. Therefore, use a reputable dealer with a great sample policy to get a chance to touch and feel the actual product before you place your full order.

By Laura