Kitchen Design Basics – Cabinet Options – Part 2

In Cabinet Options-Part 1 we explored the less expensive kitchen cabinet options available at home improvement centers. In this article we will discuss the option obtaining cabinet from a custom cabinet shop. Typically this option is more expensive, but in some cases prices are competitive, especially when comparing to the high end pre-built cabinet lines.

Just as you might expect., the biggest advantage of ordering custom built cabinets is that they can be specifically built your exact specifications – you are not limited to the features, finishes, and design styles from a particular line of pre-built cabinets. Another advantage of dealing with a local cabinet shop that you can call references and verify other customer experiences. Because the cabinet business is referral driven, you can usually expect good service from an established local shop. Some of the larger shops will have a design showroom, or at least a photo portfolio of previous jobs.

Usually shops will order their doors from a specialty door manufacturer, so the range of styles is almost limitless. Another advantage of going custom is that you can have stain or paint samples provided before the cabinets are finished; you are not limited fixed menu of stains and colors.

Before ordering cabinets from a big big box store, it is always a good idea to get a couple of bids from local cabinet shops. Not only do you have a wider choice of finishes and features, but you also have the satisfaction of dealing with a local business.

By Laura