Pull-Out Shelves Increase a Small Investment and Bigger Return

Although the real estate market the world over is very slow right now, there are still some properties moving. Indeed, you can see there is movement in the market from one important recent factor, foreclosures. In the U.S. market alone, then number of foreclosure requests and active auctions was down by about 50 percent over last year.

This means that owners are either finding new financing for their homes, or they are finding buyers for existing properties so they can escape the burdensome monthly payments they face. These payments were negotiated in the 2004-2005 boom days of the real estate market and saddled many buyers with huge payments after the value of their homes tanked in 2009.

Still, the fact that foreclosures have slowed indicates there is some movement in the housing industry and while the huge returns of the 2004-2005 may be gone, people are still getting enough money when they put properties on the market, often leaving them there until they sell.

Even in down markets, though, there are still ways to get a bit more for your property. No, you may not get the $550,000 you spent for it, but you may get out for $400,000, which is better than a bank auction. One of the areas that many buyers love to look at is the kitchen and what better way to increase the value of a kitchen area of a home than adding a set of glide-out shelves to cabinets. At once, glide-out shelves:

Increase the seeming depth of the cabinets in the kitchen

Ease finding items that always seem to work their way to the rear of a shelf

Make it easier to show a potential buyer an immediate improvement to a home

Glide-out kitchen cabinet shelving immediately adds to the utility of a kitchen because the potential buyer sees the ease with which the owner or the owner’s representative can slide a shelf out to show how much space is available in the cabinet.

By the same token, if a real estate agent can show a prospective buyer an improvement in a pantry such as glide-out pantry shelving the prospective buyer will believe that he or she is getting more for their investment. And, in a way, they are getting more for their money.

After all Glide-out shelving makes any area seem larger and if it is done correctly, it actually does increase usable space. For example, if you add a pull-out pantry shelf to a pantry, it is:

Usually multiple level.

Usually able to store about twice as much as a standard shelf.

Usually able to slide back in and leave you with a very clean-looking area as the multiple shelves handle the clutter.

By Laura