Kitchen Cabinets Types

In our house, probably the most favorite part that we favor the most is the kitchen. This is where we prepare, cook and ready the food to be served. Not only that, it is also where we hang around and talk about everything and anything under the sun together with our relatives and friends. I don’t know about you but the kitchen is one of the place that I often stay and play around when I was kid and I’m pretty sure that you did the same too when you were young. The point is, your kitchen is probably the most popular room in the house for family members, friends and as well as the guests. Now, I don’t know if it’s human nature or what, but when an area in your house is where you usually hang out, you also tend to beautify it the most. And that is only righteous. You have to make sure that every time people go to the kitchen, the only comment that they will leave you is the word “awesome.”

However, for most home owners, making their kitchen attractive is a tedious job and quite confusing as well. This is due to the fact that there are lots of options that you need to browse within to get the one that is suitable for it. But narrowing down your choices is also difficult because of the endless variety of items that are available in the market. This is very true, especially with kitchen cabinets. With all the variants that are available, it would be enough to make your head spin. So if you’re trying to get information or you want to know your options when it comes to kitchen cabinets types, here’s how to save you from a lot of headache.

Basically, you could cut down your choices into three because there are at least three major types of kitchen cabinets. I would elaborate the different types further more on this article but first you should determine whether you are going to buy a kitchen cabinet or you are going to create one for yourself.

When that is settled, let’s go to the types of cabinets. First, you have the stock kitchen cabinet. It is the cheapest option available for you. And because I said that it was cheap, it has limited options. It has few available standard sizes and shapes. When it comes to types, designs and the functionality, the options is very limited.

Another type is the semi custom. It’s like a mediator between the stock and the custom. It has a much wider variety of options compared to the stock and there also types of wood that are not available with stock kitchen cabinets. Also, there are a lot more staining types available when you get the semi custom kitchen cabinet. Last, the custom kitchen cabinet is perfect for those homeowners who want maximum customization. The choices that you have are virtually endless when it comes to the flexibility, the design, the color, the style and the different options of wood types. It is definitely created for a specific kitchen to give it a very unique look.

And that’s what you need to know about the different kitchen cabinets types.

By Laura