Open Up a Small Kitchen For a Clean, Spacious Look

If your kitchen is on the small side, there have probably been many times you wished it was a bit more spacious. While it’s impossible to add square footage to the room without building on to your kitchen, you can make it appear much larger! When a room looks more spacious, it feels that way as well. This article offers tips and ideas on how to visually open up your kitchen so that it appears spacious and airy.

Clear it Off

Clutter makes any room look smaller. If your counter tops are filled with gadgets, jars, small appliances, plants, candles and other things, clear them off! You will be amazed at how one small change such as removing the clutter from your counter tops will change the look of the room.

Let the Sun Shine In!

Another small change you can make that will make a dramatic difference is to let natural light shine in. If your kitchen and dining room windows are covered with dark wood shutters or heavy fabrics, make a switch to light colored shades or mini blinds. These allow you to completely open up the window when you choose, and offer privacy after dark. If you must use a valance or curtain, choose bright, sunny colors.

Expand the Perimeter of the Room with Light Colored Walls

Most people know that dark colors minimize while light colors expand. For your small kitchen walls, choose colors that are light, such as cream, pale yellow or white. Dark colors will only make the room look smaller, while light colors add appeal and make the room look much larger than it actually is.

Floors should be light as well. Natural wood without dark stain is best for making your kitchen appear larger; if you choose stone, linoleum or tile keep the shades light as well.

Cabinetry Makes a Difference

If your cabinets are dark, consider sanding them down and staining or painting a lighter shade. This is much less expensive than buying new cabinets, and will transform the look of the room! You may also want to consider clear glass panels in cabinet doors to further open up the room.

When it comes to small kitchens, keep busy patterns to a minimum. Intricate floral wallpaper or boldly patterned tablecloths, curtains and other accessories tend to make a room look even smaller. Keep lines simple and basic. A solid colored tablecloth should be used if you choose to use one at all, or a light colored runner works as well. Adding interesting bursts of color through a simple centerpiece or wall hangings is enough to liven up the room a bit without making it look smaller.

When it comes to appliances, white or stainless steel is best. Stainless steel is reflective, which works much like a mirror to make the room look larger. The secret to opening up any small space is to keep simple, uncluttered lines and use light color! Put some of these ideas to work in your kitchen, and you will find that it looks and feels like you have twice as much room.

By Laura