Make Kitchen Cabinets Complement Your Kitchen Furniture

Kitchen cabinets need to complement kitchen furniture. If you plan on staining them, make sure that your preferred color matches the kitchen furniture. Staining a kitchen cabinet takes practice so if you have not tried making one before, it is best that you practice first on a piece of scrap would. Do remember that a stain dries fast and that multiply coats creates darker colors than just making one coat.

For kitchen furniture that have a natural wood finish, cabinets that have frames will complete the whole look. When staining, the frames have to be covered with masking tape to protect it from the stain. Use drop cloths over kitchen furniture found in areas located near the kitchen cabinets that will be stained.

It is also wise to cover both doors and drawers. Before staining, make sure that the area is well ventilated and use a respirator mask that is specifically designed for this purpose.

Do remember that the stains used for kitchen cabinets do not come off clothing easily. That is the reason why you should be dressed accordingly when doing this home project.

Wear a pair of gloves that will keep the stain from your skin. Before applying the stain, read the directions and recommendations thoroughly and make sure that you apply the stain properly.

There are different kinds of methods in applying the stain. Materials such as staining cloths, some carpet scraps or old t-shirts are good choices. Just make sure that they are lint free.

They can be used in any other way as long as you do the process by the book, which is applying the stain with even and quick strokes in the same direction of the kitchen cabinet’s grain in order to make the most even coating. Make sure that the color all throughout is consistent.

It is a common belief that the kitchen is considered the heart of every household and important parts of the kitchen are kitchen furniture and cabinetry. While there are numerous varieties of cabinet styles in the market today, try to individualize them to match your existing or new kitchen furniture.

By Laura