Kitchen Makeovers & Cabinet Refacing

One of the biggest remodels that a person can do on their house is refinishing their kitchen. A huge component of the kitchen and often times the first thing people notice are the cabinets. Just by cabinet refacing a person can dramatically impact the look of their kitchen.

When looking to reface your cabinets you basically have two different roads that you can choose to go down. The first is do it yourself. This option will probably cost less money. The word probably is very important. If a person has experience working with wood they may be able to do a quality job in a decent amount of time. On the other hand, if the person does not really know what he or she is doing they can damage the cabinets beyond repair and end up costing themselves more money than it was worth. The second option is getting the cabinets refaced by a professional company or woodworker. This option is most likely the more expensive option but could be beneficial because the cabinets are guaranteed to look how you want them to look and they may be finished in a smaller amount of time that if the homeowner did the cabinets his or herself.

If a person chooses to do the cabinet refacing themselves they will need to be familiar with the process that is involved. The very first thing that the person doing the refacing will need to decide on is if they are going to keep the current cabinet doors or purchase new ones. Purchasing new cabinet doors can be a good option if the cabinet doors are in poor condition. Next, they may need to remove any old paint that is currently on the cabinets if they decide to keep the current doors. The person will want to remove the doors of the cabinets. Paint removal can be done with either chemicals or scrapers. After the paint is removed from both the cabinet doors and the bodies of the cabinets they can be sanded and prepped for paint or varnish. Painting the cabinets and doors can be done in an afternoon but the pieces should be given adequate time to dry between coats. When the paint is complete the parts can dry and be reattached to the cabinets with new hardware.

Cabinet refacing is a great way to not only improve the look of your home but also to increase its value.

By Laura