Getting the Woods For Kitchen Cabinets

Being knowledgeable about which woods are available in the markets specifically for kitchen cabinets is a great resource to have prior to shopping for it. This will give you insight on what woods interest you and will go with your whole decorating theme of the kitchen.

We will start with the highest priced and high quality woods like Mahogany, Walnut and Ebony. Mahogany wood comes from Africa’s western coast and has a red brown color to it. The grain is either straight or can be interlocked or a mix of both. This stains very well and holds its color. A draw back to using this wood is that it is not known for its durability and is not strong.

The woods called Ebony are so called because of their black or darkest brown hues. The most beautiful of these is the African Ebony wood. Many high end furniture designers use this for their best pieces. The irregular and sometimes curly grain effects give it even more ambiance. It is durable and dense but can at times be found to be brittle.

Walnut has a few variations to choose from. The most popular is the American Walnut, it is carried throughout North and South America. This is a darker brown heartwood that as it increase in age darkens even more to a brilliant color. The wood’s density is strong, durables and of medium grade. Using stain on this wood turns out lovely and keeps it look.

The white pine comes in color variations of two types a beige color and of course a white. This wood is so much easier to prepare and to actually stain or paint then the ponderosa pine you can also find on the markets today.

More woods that are money friendly and make cabinets look extraordinary are the cherry, oak and maple woods. In these economic strapped times we need to still get lovely cabinets but need to make sure we do not go outside our budgets for them.

Oak wood has as many as 200 different type for you to pick from when shopping. The most popular is the heartwood which has a beautiful brownish yellow tint to it. This wood can be painted very easily and simply prepped. Grains are mostly straight but some can be found with cross grain effects within them. It is a very durable wood and has a high density to it.

Maple wood can be found with at least ten different wood types to choose from. Within the maple grouping the softer maples are the best for cabinets to made form. They are also the best looking once stained or painted. The Rock Maple is the most durable and has more dense quality to it than the softer maples do.

One of the favorites out of all woods for kitchen cabinets is that of the Cherry Wood. With extravagant pinkish and red tones throughout it and with the staining only adding to these effects, it is perfect. Over the years as the sun shines on the wood itself the color will turn an even deeper shade and will look all the more beautiful for you and your guests to admire. It is extremely durable and hold color well once applied.

By Laura