Convert Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors Into a Message Center

Modern life has become more and more sophisticated and also more and more complicated. Living this present time has now become a mind blowing challenge as we are processing more than ever high amount of information and absorbing tasks very fast. We need help to track things efficiently and some forms of reminders can offer great relief.

Our kitchen is the one of the busiest part of our home. For our mind this is where we need to know what food supplies are stored, where are they located, when will these foods need to be consume and replenish and etc. What about to track kitchen items and where they are store, and the cooking recipes?

With so many things we need to remember, it helps if we can install a message center right in our own kitchen.

Common to us is to use our fridge door as our message center. Some of us placed post-in notes; other used magnetic buttons to hang their reminders to fridge’s door. Doing this may help us track things in our kitchen but visually, hanging stuffs openly will look things a little clutter.

We need to have a better area for our message center other than our fridge’s door. However, modern household as designed today are now getting smaller and almost don’t left us having a luxury of having a vacant wall in our kitchen for our message center.

One excellent idea is to convert the inside face of your kitchen cabinet doors into a useful and attractive message center using chalkboard paint and some cork-on-a-roll. This is a good place to leave messages and reminders, to post-in your recipes you plan to try soon, and more.

For this conversion you need the materials such as sandpaper, primer paint, chalkboard paint, small paint rollers and paintbrushes, painter’s tape, chalk and eraser, a roll of cork, thumbtacks, buttons and fast-bonding glue.

You can also use the outer portion of your cabinet doors, although it will look things a little clutter.

Having setup this message center in the kitchen can relieve your mind the burden of remembering so many things about your kitchen. This can also increase your kitchen efficiency and your productivity. Also, this can translate cost savings by tracking things at the right time.

By Laura