Cabinet Locks for Your Valuables

Some people hide their valuables under their mattress or under clothing in their dresser while others bury them in the back yard. Others buy a lock box or rent a safe deposit box at the local bank. Keeping your valuables safe and secure may require not being able to look at them or touch them, but…

Not all valuables are easily stored in home safes or in bank safe deposit boxes. Think of the beautiful cut crystal punch bowl your in-laws gave you for Christmas last year. It’s worth quite a bit of money, but not something you would ever think of locking up in a safe or taking to the bank. You’d like to have it seen, but not touched – especially if there are small children in your home. This is where a cabinet lock is extremely handy. If the cabinet happens to be a glass hutch sitting atop your china cabinet, so much the better.

Cabinet locks keep your valuables secure and protect them from small children’s inquisitive fingers at the same time.

But that’s only one of the benefits of using cabinet locks. They are also useful for keeping little kids safe.

Think about all those cleaning chemicals under your kitchen sink. There’s nothing more valuable than your kids. Right? Keeping them safe by putting a lock on that kitchen cabinet is a no-brainer. It also keeps pets away from those hazardous household supplies. I have cats. I sometimes find them in the strangest places and I’m usually unable to keep the off of anything or out of anywhere. Fortunately, my husband did put a lock on the chemical cabinet. They haven’t been able to open that… yet.

If you have toddlers in your home, you may even want to put cabinet locks on all your floor-level kitchen cabinets. They keep your pots and pans where they belong – and the little ones (and pets) out of where they don’t.

One of the most essential places to install a cabinet lock is on your gun cabinet. Trying to hide a gun under your mattress or in the back of the top shelf of the closet is just asking for trouble. Little kids l-o-v-e to snoop. And once they find a gun, they like to pretend-play with it. Be a responsible gun owner. Get a gun cabinet – and have a heavy-duty cabinet lock professionally installed on it.

By Laura