Bold Kitchen Cabinets Colors For 2009

Kitchen cabinets colors are becoming bolder and brighter this year. Unique and entertaining hues can add a distinctive quality that makes your kitchen stand out from the rest. Professional color experts say the next trends are shades of purple, yellow and orange make a beautiful statement while contrasting the usual white counter tops.

Purple is a truly attractive and fine-looking color to use and is a popular choice. Yellow is another well-liked selection because it is a homey, relaxing and comfortable. Yellow also has surfaced as a well liked choice because it is a bright, refreshing color. Even orange brings a warm, calm and tranquil feeling to any kitchen.

When incorporating appliances you can get a bright orange refrigerator or stove to incorporate it with any base color like white. When using bright colors, white is always the best color choice for a base color. You can even get creative and incorporate an alternate color cabinet technique with yellow and white accents.

Integrating bright vibrant colors can make a strong impact when it comes to kitchen cabinet colors. You can also use glass to add further definition to a creative kitchen design. A glass table or kitchen island can really bring out the contrast and add clarity to any color scheme.

We are seeing lighter bright colors on the forefront of kitchen cabinet colors. In the not too distant future we will probably see light blue cabinets, kitchen sinks, floors and faucets. It’s a bold look, but it works.

These new exiting colors will also start popping up on the wall and floors of the new kitchens.

It bridges the gap between the contemporary kitchen cabinets and compliments a kitchen design with stainless steel appliances. You can take these color suggestions when deciding on your kitchen cabinet colors. It can truly compliment any home design.

By Laura