4 Secrets of Contemporary Kitchen Design

If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen and want a contemporary design, then you might want to consider employing a specialist to build your kitchen for you to your specifications. You can of course buy ready-made cabinets to house your new appliances, and fit them together yourself but it may surprise you to learn that it is not too much more expensive to contract a cabinet-making company to build your new kitchen. Here are 4 secrets of contemporary kitchen design.

The first secret of contemporary kitchen design is that your main work area will be in the triangle shape, with the cooker, fridge and sink making up the triangle. You can choose to have this in an L shape with the sink perhaps at the centre of the long L line close to the cooker, with the fridge on the short line of the L, or you can fit any of the three points of the triangle wherever you want them. This shape means that the rest of the family won’t need to wander through the work space, and if the kitchen is also in the family room you have more space. The U shape is common with the cooker, fridge and sink all on different walls, and this works well when the kitchen is a separate room. You walk around less and your work space is compact in this shape of kitchen design. Finally there is the G shape with one appliance on two different walls and one in a peninsula which separates the work area from the breakfast or dining area or the family room. The design you choose will depend on how large your kitchen is and on whether it is a shared or separate room.

The surfaces used in a contemporary kitchen can be natural or plastic laminates, which can be made of vibrant colors to add brightness to your kitchen. These can contrast with pale or dark wood cabinets. In a natural kitchen environment granite surfaces are a good choice as once they have been sealed with a stone sealant they are very durable, heat resistant and scratch proof. You can also use colored glass as a splashback instead of tiles or ceramics if you desire. This is a new facet for contemporary kitchen design.

Third is the way the cabinets are made; if your kitchen is dark you can have the cupboard doors inlaid with glass panels with integral lighting. This means that any light will be reflected into the kitchen and it will be lighter than ever before.

The final secret is to find a cabinet maker who understands exactly what you want and who can advise you on the best layout for your kitchen. This will mean that the cabinets’ top surfaces will be even. You also need to have a cabinet maker who understands exactly what your budget is and that you will not go over it. Once that has been established, you should have a good working relationship. Do some research online and choose a cabinet-maker who has an established business and read the testimonials, and ask if you can check them out to be sure that they are genuine. If there are a lot of satisfied customers, you have found the right cabinet-maker for your modern kitchen cabinet suppliers. Happy hunting!

By Laura