Planning Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

When you are planning to conduct a cabinet reface maybe you can grab the opportunity to make changes to your kitchen as well. You can give a brand new design for the room by adding some elements such as kitchen islands or a dishwasher. As proper planning is important before you begin with the refacing work, you can first perform a thorough consideration of what you need.

Among the many possible add-ons are some decorative elements. For example wood valances or fancy trims. While if you wish to make a complete makeover, you can also include furniture refinishing or painting projects. But make sure the painting is done before the refacing takes place. Besides, you can also consider replacing old appliances in your kitchen. Perhaps this is a good time to install a built-in microwave or add a new sink onto your countertop. Above all these, your refacing should first begin with a survey for a reputable company. Doing research is indeed important and the best is to browse through multiple cabinet refacing pictures before deciding upon the style you desire.

To get a comprehensive survey regarding the best company to perform your project, you can refer to trustworthy references or people in your circle of network. Besides, check if the companies possess necessary insurance and legitimate business license. Many companies would offer free price quoting. This is when the designer will visit your home and get a measurement. It is very likely that the designer will show you an assortment of cabinet refacing pictures for your selection besides giving you relevant ideas or advice to match your kitchen as well as complementing your needs. Along with those pictures will be a selection of colors and materials.

More often than not, the materials used for the refacing project will often be chosen to be matching to the existing kitchen furniture. The three most commonly used materials include laminates, wood and veneers. Some custom grades of wood could be very expensive. So if you find the cost to be prohibitive then you can consider using laminates for your cabinet reface job. Besides the price being less hefty, laminates actually look classy and expensive. Other common materials include custom wood and furniture grade wood such as oak or maple.

By Laura