Modern Kitchen Cabinets – How to Achieve That Brand New Look of Modernity

The old cupboards are gone and here comes the modern kitchen cabinets. The main difference that sets apart the modern types is that they are more clean lined compared to the ornamented and traditional kitchen cupboards. The modern types may appear in a gamut of materials or shade, but it always exudes a better and cleaner look.

Majority of these modern types come without frames. If the doors of the cabinet are frameless, then you can be sure that it is not padded thickly nor does it have edges. It also features very smooth surfaces compared to the usual wooden cabinets.

In terms of the styles, the traditional kitchen cupboards open in vertical direction only. The modern kitchen cabinets even have some sliding doors which you can freely open from top to bottom just like the storage bins when you ride the airplane. When it comes to the handles or the knobs of the cabinets, the modern ones are more simple compared to the old embellished types. This goes the same for the hinges.

The modern cabinet doors for the kitchen range from designs of plain wood knobs to the thin metal handles. If you are after the detailed knobs which has floral engravings or ceramic designs, then you should go back with the kitchen cupboard designs.

The modern kitchen cabinets, in terms of color, settles for the dark or light shading of wood to give it an overall clean appeal. For the traditional ones, the rustic look is much appropriate that is usually in the knotty pine hue. While the Cherry color is more popular these days when it comes to the innovative cupboards.

According to expert kitchen and home designers, the dark cherry color exudes a very sophisticated look while the lighter versions of it would mean less formal setting or ambiance. The number one type of material used for the modern kitchen cabinets would be metal. It is effective enough in giving your kitchen an innovative and industrial look especially if you have appliances around the kitchen made in stainless steel.

Modern style is usually exuded in stainless steel designs. If you prefer to have colors around a modern look, then you can opt for the colored enamel coated cabinets in very bright colors like red or blue. Glass can also be a great option in modern designs for the kitchen furniture since it lets you get to see your kitchen tools and other stuff easily.

By Laura