Kitchen Cabinets – Don’t Buy on Price Alone!

When you are ready to purchase a new set of kitchen cabinets, you should take the time to research the wide variety of features that are available to you. If you select new cabinets based solely on price, you can end up severely limiting your design choices. By taking into consideration a number of different factors, you can make the right decision. Below are some of the features that you should consider when you are ready to update your kitchen.

Materials – Manufacturers will use a variety of materials to design and build their products, which will be reflected in their price. Soft and hardwoods are commonly used by cabinetmakers, which will provide you with a variety of unfinished and finished options. Medium Density Fiberboard or MDF is often used as a cost-effective product for kitchen cabinets, which also come in a wide range of colors and styles.

Door Fronts – There are many different door style options that can be used to define your kitchen. For example, there are flat and raised panels, glass inserts, intricate molding detail and so much more. Setting your kitchen apart from all the rest can be easy when you gain access to quality products.

Door Placement – Cabinetmakers will manufacture doors that either will close over the face of the cabinet or will be flush with it. Depending on your personal preference, your home can have a unique or traditional design.

Hinges – Quality cabinets will have sturdy hinges that will stand up to continuous use over the years. The hinges should also be easy to adjust when the doors becomes loose due to constant opening and closing. A homeowner should select a hinge that will not damage their kitchen cabinets over time.

Dampers – A great feature to consider when shopping for cabinets are door dampers. These protectors eliminate the noise that a door makes when it is closed. They can also prevent damage to the face of your cabinet.

Hardware – Like the countless options that are available for kitchen cabinet styles, you will find that there are many choices for hardware. By selecting the right one, you can easily set your kitchen apart from all the rest. Hardware comes in different materials, colors and designs.

Having new cabinets installed in your home is a great way to update the look and feel of your kitchen. A reputable and experienced contractor can provide you with access to the kitchen cabinets that you are looking for and can offer professional installation.

By Laura