Give Your Kitchen a Makeover

The kitchen is the part of the house where people spend more of their time than they do in other rooms. Not only do you prepare food and eat it here, but families also come together here when there is a crisis, or occasion for rejoicing. If you have a number of telephones in the house it is usually the kitchen one that gets the most use. In fact the kitchen is the center of everyday family life. So why, then, is it often the last room considered when redecorating? People tend to overlook the kitchen when it comes to makeovers, but just a few changes can do this for you without a huge expense.

Often kitchens are left out of redecorating plans until they get to the point where the whole thing has to be ripped out and a new kitchen put in. But you don’t have to go to all that trouble and expense just to get a new look kitchen. Just a few minor touches and you can completely transform the room.

Dirt is the main reason for kitchens looking old and out of date. Over time kitchens gather dirt as well as germs, which gives the room a grimy, dull look that you can’t seem to get rid of no matter how much cleaning you do. Floors seem to stay looking dirty despite all your best scrubbing efforts. Germs collect in the dirt, and before you know it people are getting sick.

The floor, then, might have to be replaced. Because it has fewer crevices for dirt to gather in, linoleum is a great idea for kitchens. It looks good in most kitchens and comes in a large range of colors. It also is a relatively inexpensive option. However over time it can be hard on your back.

If you stand on a hard surface for long periods of time you can get resulting pain in the back and legs. People commonly stand for two or more hours every day in the kitchen, which means sixty hours or more a month. This places a great strain on your back if the floor is hard. Area rugs are a great way to deal with this problem. Placing one in front of the sink, stove and refrigerator provides a lot of protection for your legs and back. In addition, they protect the new flooring from getting dirty and scratched. This is also helpful in preventing germs from accumulating. Most of the dirt is caught on the rugs rather than the floor. Cleaning the rugs regularly can prevent frequent illness in the family. The tiny fibers in the rugs hold the dirt in until you vacuum, and the rugs are more easily cleaned than linoleum. Just a few seconds with the vacuum, rather than lengthy mopping which a hard floor requires.

Your kitchen gets a whole new look when you add area rugs. Choose a favorite color scheme and buy rugs to suit. Base your redecoration on this scheme. Maybe paint the cabinets in a shade which complements the scheme, or put up some art work. Use the rugs as the basis of your new design, and people with think you’ve done a complete renovation of the kitchen.

By Laura