Essential Cooking Tips You Should Use

Cooking is essential to everybody. Whatever we eat nourishes us, provides us with energy and gives us satisfaction and appreciation of life. Cooking, rather, food is an experience of life. It is then essential to know the proper ways in which we can prepare, serve and store food to maximize its benefits and for people to appreciate a great home cooked meal this article will give an overview to what you should do.

On food preparation:

When you prepare mushrooms, you do not wash them. Just brush them off or use a dry towel to clean.

Cut herbs whenever it is necessary to be able to keep its freshness and brilliance

Cut meat in even slices so as to ensure an even cooking all throughout.

Use herbs and spices as a preservative for meats to naturally extend their life and to create a great flavor.

Make sure to buy only the freshest produce. If some are not in season, good quality canned produce are also good alternatives.

On cooking:

Make sure to heat the pan well and the oil hot enough so as to prevent the meat or fish from sticking and damaging the outside surface

Various kinds of oils produce different aromas and flavor, experiment with them.

Make sure that vegetables are crisp and tender but not soggy and dead. Steaming them would be a good method but if you want a stir fry, make sure that the vegetables are timed well so as not one ingredient suffers.

Balance out the flavors and play with your own taste. Sometimes it is good to follow cooking instructions to have an idea but as cooking is also a matter of personal taste you can adjust the flavors to your desired results.

Try to avoid artificial flavorings.

On storage:

Store cooked food on room temperature and make sure to let it rest for a bit to let all the juices to be absorbed or the sauces to complete adhere to the meat or vegetable.

Herbs can be stored in moist cloth sealed in an airtight zip lock to ensure freshness.

Look at labels about where to best store food. If the food needs refrigeration, follow instructions. It is best though to consume the food at its freshest state, if not possible, spices can extend the freshness of the food until the time of usage.

Clean containers without moisture are important to avoid mold buildup and ruining your food like cheeses.

Do not leave food unattended or uncovered if it would be used or eaten yet, cover it so no insects or animals would make contact with the food.

Food and cooking are great things. They are necessities and artistic forms as well. Being responsible with your cooking means you are valuing your own body and the people who will be eating. Take these tips into consideration and find a new level of respect and appreciation of food.

By Laura