DIY Painting Kitchen Cabinets

DIY cabinet doors painting is the easiest part of painting the kitchen cabinets. Most people want to have white cabinets. The nice thing about painting cabinet doors is that you can remove the doors completely from the cabinets and also you can remove all the hardware from the cabinet doors. Now you can do any repairs you want to on the doors such as dents or scratches or nicks.

And the beauty of it is you can do this on a bench or a pair of sawhorses, where you can use a palm sander or some kind of sanding machine to sand the door in a flat position. This is a lot easier position than sanding something in a vertical position.

The doors are the most important part of your painted cabinets. They are the parts that really attract your eyeballs to them. Especially if you have white cabinets with some very nice accessories such as knobs and hinges. Knobs and hinges should be considered very carefully because they are the items which are going to make or break your doors.

When in doubt the safest color to paint your kitchen cabinets is to have white cabinets, white cabinets are very common and acceptable in most kitchen designs.

Painting cabinets can be done on both types of cabinets which are laminated with plastic or laminate or solid wood doors. If the solid wood doors are in good condition and the laminated doors are also in good condition the painting procedure is virtually the same.

By Laura