Designing a Kitchen With Cabinets That Equal Functionality

In no other room is the phrase “functionality” more appropriate than in kitchen designs. In other words, no matter how well the space was designed and decorated, if it doesn’t function well, it’s not going to be utilized. By contrast, if you have a kitchen that not only looks good, but allows you to complete your tasks quickly and easily, your kitchen will become your most esthetically pleasing room in your house, and food preparation will probably not feel like such a distasteful task. Kitchens tend to be the most utilized room in a house. This is the main gathering place for the home owners as well as guests.

When designing your kitchen cabinets space you need to keep in mind the visual design for your eyes as well as the ability to maintain a space that is easily functional. For instance, think about the “workspace triangle.” In this design idea, the three most used spots in your kitchen, the refrigerator, the stove and the sink are all within just a couple of steps of each other and laid out to form a triangular workflow area. While you are in the process of having your kitchen renovated with new cabinets or new house construction, consider the impact kitchen and cabinet designs can have on the “workspace triangle”. Another important step in designing a functional kitchen is to try to stay away from extra appliances that may clutter and detract from your “workspace triangle”. Everything in your kitchen should have a place to live so to speak or at least a cabinet to hold it. Sometimes designing the cabinets in your kitchen island into your plan can add more space and counter access.

There are many additions that can be added into your cabinet design to further increase storage space solutions. Some of these are Lazy Susans Cabinets, drawer gliders that will allow you to pull out cabinet shelves, inside door racks, etc. Many times it is helpful to consult a professional to assist in your design plans. The main reason is that most of the custom cabinet designers have extensive design software at their disposal to help you put your ideas in black and white. These programs are very expensive for the average homeowner, not to mention the amount of time and effort to gain knowledge and skills in using the software. The extra cost is well worth the payoff in having a space that is not only visually pleasing but will give you years of functionality as well. Visiting a design showroom is a great way to visually see the many choices in custom cabinetry available on the market today.

By Laura