Creating a Kitchen Plan

You may have heard the term “kitchen plan” before and wondered just what that really means. A kitchen plan basically designates how the space in a kitchen will be laid out and used. The variations that your plan can take on are both exciting and virtually endless. Available space, the dimensions of that space, and other general considerations are typically the most important factors when creating a kitchen plan. The goal of a kitchen plan should be to create the best possible and most effective space for the end user. The need for a kitchen plan may be born out a renovation, or a completely new construction. Either way, the process for creating a kitchen plan is exactly the same.

Plan creators must first determine how the kitchen will be used, by evaluating what features the end user desires. Once the end user’s desired features and priorities have been established, planners creators must then determine how many of those features and priorities can be implemented within the budget allotted for the project. The budget may include allocations for structural and mechanical work, in addition allocations for more aesthetically pleasing work like fixtures, cabinetry, counter tops, and flooring.

Consider how the kitchen will be laid out by asking a basic set of questions to get your started. When finished, how many people will be using the kitchen and how much consistent traffic does the end user want it to support? Should the kitchen be built to support entertaining and frequent gatherings? Many young couples find that a kitchen they can entertain in, is an attractive feature. Is extra counter space desired or needed to support large amounts of cooking? Will the kitchen need to include areas for extra features like office space and laundry facilities to maximize space? How much pantry space is needed to support the family that will be using the kitchen? The list of questions could go on and on.

In today’s modern kitchen, kitchen plans not only incorporate traditional “work centers”, but also trendy style and design features. High end and attractive cabinetry is usually one of the first upgrades that a kitchen plan creator has in mind when completing a renovation. Other quick and easy upgrades that will improve the value of the kitchen include quality counter tops, gold or silver fixtures like knobs, handles, and faucets, and the addition of popular tile back splashes to add a touch of personality.

By Laura