Can You Name 45 Kitchen Cabinet Accessories?

If you are remodeling, enlarging, renovating or just sprucing up your kitchen, you will be delighted to discover that kitchen cabinet accessories abound! What is more, new devices, gadgets and cabinet modifications seem to become available regularly. No matter what you would love to have in your new kitchen, accessories are available or can be made to accommodate your wishes.

To begin with the basics, manufacturers of stock and semi-custom cabinets offer a number of designs that include some now basic kitchen cabinet accessories:

Cutlery dividers for drawers – in a one-tier or two-tier choice

Drawer divided to hold knives

Spice drawer insert

Food-preparation drawer with a pull-out cutting board

Spice drawer cabinet – a narrow vertical drawer fitted for spice jars

Inverted frame option can put the drawer at the bottom (great for put lids)

Drawer divided to put pots and pans in the bottom and lids in a top section

Drawer divided for cooking utensils or gadgets

Wastebasket cabinet

Recycling cabinet

Roll-out tiered shelving in a base cabinet for pots and pans

Base microwave cabinet

Base tray dividers that pull out

Base cabinets that pull out for condiments or for tall bottles

Tray divider shelf

Roll-out tray divider base cabinet

Sink base with tilt out tray in the front of the sink (sponges, steel wool)

Plastic bag dispenser door storage unit

Door storage units

Pantry door shelf and swing out sections

Base cabinet with deep roll-out trays

Appliance garage

Base wine rack cabinet

Base wine storage cube

Under cabinet stem glass holder

China display

Plate racks

Base corner with Lazy Susan

Many other options are also available, including:

Drawers to cover refrigerated units

Bins with glass fronts to hold dry goods (pasta, beans)

Glass front/door cabinets

Architectural design finish items

Vent covers

Island cabinets

Wall bookshelves

Pull-out storage units for vegetables

Specialty glass in cabinet doors (frosted, opaque, color)

Crown moldings for the tops of cabinets

Specialized cabinets for base specialty refrigerators

TV and computer compartments

Covers for Refrigerator doors

Doors for wine chilling compartments

Matching door and window frames

Nooks for small appliances

By Laura