Cabinet Knobs and Hinges Can Really Make a Kitchen a Place Worth Being In

Kitchen is where you spend most of your time, not just women but men too. Eating outside has become a costly task. That’s why many people are trying to cut costs by cooking at home. It is not only healthy but can include the whole family and create a perfect opportunity to bond. What a kitchen needs from, a squeaky clean sink to the just right cabinet door knobs and cabinet hinges.

Kitchen needs a lot of storage, in the form of cabinets and cupboards. We all want the best for our homes; similarly the wood for cabinets that we select is the best. But sometimes, we tend to overlook the most important details, like cabinet hinges. Faulty hinges creates unnecessary frustration, open doors cabinets. Imagine, it is early in the morning. You’re running late for work, the children have to be fed; you are making breakfast for your husband. You have kept cereal in the cabinet and it just won’t open. It is jammed.

You may think that kitchen cabinet hinges are not very common but one trip to the hardware store will leave you in awe. They come in many forms. One kind is which can be hidden under the cabinet door; a typical example would be the flush door hinge, then there is the flashy kind like the knuckle hinge. Heavy doors are best suited with ball bearing hinges, then there is the lift-joint hinges which allows the door to be taken down without being unscrewed. If you are installing the door hinges yourself, then you must consider loose pin hinges as they are easier to install. It enables the door to be removed after just pulling away the hinge pin. Another brilliant option would be decorative cabinet door hinges like lacquered cabinet hinge which are getting supremely popular and that touch to your kitchen.

You should be careful while selecting your kitchen cabinet hinges. They vary from different metals including brass, copper and steel. You can test the door hinges’ for quality, texture and durability. You can refer to online stores, as they can help immensely; they not only categorize the products of your choice but limit your time wasted. You can select the color, metal and design of your choice. Each type of door hinge is mentioned along with its qualities. A bit of consideration, right at the beginning will save you the hassle of replacing them later. It may seem intimidating in the beginning, but it has been made much easier now. You can choose many kinds of finishes, whichever brightens the mod of your kitchen.

The kinds of hinges include concealed, inset, flush, wrap, overlay, self-closing, and free-swinging. You can choose the cost efficient free-swinging hinge, or a rather costly alternative, the concealed hinge, which hides the hinge within the cabinet frame. Another type would be the flush hinge which is barely visible along the surface, and the wrap hinge which connects from the cabinet frame to the back side of the cabinet door, this minimizes the door scraping against the hinge. Both, the overlay and inset hinges are connected to the cabinet frame, and also to the exterior of the cabinet door.

By Laura