Add Pizazz to Your Old Kitchen With Kitchen Cabinet Door Replacements

When your kitchen cabinets start looking dull and damaged, stop and take a closer look at them, and you’ll realize that the doors are the only parts of the cabinets that have sustained most of the damage. After all, the cupboard boxes see very little use compared to the doors which are opened and closed many times every day. Since it is very expensive to replace your entire cabinet system, you might want to consider just doing a kitchen cabinet door replacement. There are dozens of different styles and finishes you can choose from, and you can even do your shopping right on your own computer.

Probably the closest match you’re going to get will be if you buy unfinished doors of the same wood as your cabinet frames and then stain them yourself. Although you can purchase pre-finished doors, they may end up being a different color than the portions of the frames that will show in between them. The right color differentiation might be striking, but usually it just happens that the colors are enough off that everyone wonders about them not matching. With stain you can always try different colors, two different colors at a time, and multiple coats in order to get a near match.

One of the best things about buying kitchen cabinet replacement doors is that you don’t have to disrupt your family’s whole life like you do with a complete remodel. There will be no plumbing to change, no appliances to move, and no countertops to remove. Life can go on like normal. In fact, the majority of the work can be done outside the kitchen itself. Replacement hardware can be installed on doors before they are taken into the kitchen and hung. Staining and varnishing, if you choose to go the unfinished route, will also be done somewhere other than the kitchen. If you decided to replace the entire cabinets, your kitchen could be in shambles for weeks.

All in all, replacing your kitchen cabinet doors is going to be less expensive and far less disruptive than it would be to replace the whole cabinets. If you’re lucky, you may even find prefinished doors that will match your existing frames. Then all you’ll have to do is remove the old doors and hang the new ones.

By Laura